Paladin’s partnerships with vendors

We make our fraud prevention strengths into our vendors’ strengths, bringing decades of networking and experience to the table.

Product Development

We leverage our merchant background and knowledge of available tools to help you identify a fraud product’s strengths, weaknesses, marketability, and opportunities. We can help identify the value a product brings to the marketplace and partner with you to ensure you have the right direction and are speaking to the right audience.

ROI Calculation and Demonstration

Having been influencers and decision-makers ourselves, we know how to demonstrate and calculate a true fraud prevention ROI for you and your clients. We take a unique approach as a third party to marry collective data points and show the potential return on investment your clients are looking for but may not know how to calculate.


We deliver entry-level fraud training as well as a stair-stepped educational approach to fraud for vendors who may not have the prior experience to interface with merchants’ fraud personnel on a daily basis. We provide education and confidence to vendors’ teams to help them relate to current and prospective clients.

Conversion Sciences

We use this analytics process to help vendors demonstrate the value of their products to potential and existing clients. With decades of experience in this industry, we know how to calculate ROI using methods a merchant understands. We use a similar approach to help show vendors’ clients the monetary benefits of upgrading within their suite of products.

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