Paladin’s protective services for merchants

We put decades of fraud-prevention experience to work so you can focus on what you do best: your business.

End-to-End Fraud Performance Assessments

Paladin has developed a four-step approach to assess strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your current fraud prevention approach. Naturally, this approach is customized to the needs of individual merchants, who can focus on one service component or engage a full-scale assessment.


Paladin will assess complete departmental structure, conduct on-site or remote interviews, develop an understanding of technical flows of data between platforms (both in-house and third party), review data elements, and begin preliminary data analysis.


Next, we’ll create solutions to the issues discovered in earlier phases. We’ll create actionable recommendations on important areas to achieve a best-in-class e-commerce fraud prevention and risk organization. This may include new third-party platforms and tool providers.


Here, Paladin continues with a deeper dive on the analytical front, looking at chargeback information, fraud prevention data and information, bank declines, products, SKUs, and points of sale. We can also begin assessing fraud personnel to ensure correct skills and functions.


Finally, if requested, Paladin will help identify imperative data needed for current or future platforms as well as assist with implementation of any third-party solutions needed. We don’t see partnerships as a one-time deal; we see merchants through to success.

Fraud Rule and Strategy Assessment, Analysis, and Recommendation

We’ll take inventory of existing systems and processes, taking into account what resources are available. We’ll then make actionable suggestions to help merchants attain the desired results. We also offer recurring fraud consulting for ongoing performance monitoring, reporting, and analysis. This service is designed to replace or augment merchants’ need for internal fraud prevention expertise.

3-D Secure/Consumer Authentication

3DS protocols are an incredibly valuable yet complex tool for merchant fraud teams. We help you understand how it works and what value it brings—and then, we help you implement it to maximize your fraud benefit and minimize business risk. We build a customized authentication strategy and provide the tools to track and monitor success. Not only will we show preventative lift, but also positive impact.

Chargeback Analysis

With the industry-wise increase in fraudulent CNP transaction attempts, merchants need defenses against growing threats to the bottom line. We deliver analysis and training sessions to manage chargebacks effectively, mine internal data to identify high-risk combinations, and turn chargebacks into a valuable source of high-risk transaction criteria.

Recurring Data Analysis and Reporting

We know fraud doesn’t just go away when assessments are complete. We offer an ongoing engagement with our analytics team for regular (usually monthly) assessment to ensure problems don’t come back. We’ll review your data and performance and make recommendations as needed for rule hierarchy changes, enhancements, and additions.

Training for Merchant Fraud Teams

As fraudulent CNP transaction attempts increase and industry-wide threats evolve, merchants’ internal teams need expert-led training sessions designed to keep them a step ahead and apprised of solutions. We can help your team identify high-risk transactions, manage chargebacks, identify valuable tools, and ultimately, maximize your profits.

Leadership Search

There’s a dearth of sources for recruitment of fraud and payment professionals in eCommerce. Paladin specializes in finding up-and-coming professionals who are ready for the next challenge. We leverage our vast network in the fraud prevention sphere to confidentially vet highly qualified candidates and introduce them to merchants.

Evaluation of Vendors and RFPs

Tremendous growth in online fraud startups has broadened opportunities and made the landscape more complex. As a reputable authority in the risk landscape, we can help vet services to ensure they’re a solid fit for merchants. We can also put our experience to work helping merchants review Requests for Pricing and make sure they garner the best possible partnerships.

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