We put a human face on the complex world of fraud prevention.

It’s an esoteric realm, with threats and tools both evolving at a fast pace. That’s why we’re here to help.

Founded by a group of insider industry experts who knew what fraud prevention can and should be, Paladin Fraud offers an extensive and customizable suite of services for both merchants and vendors. We strategize for the long game, helping clients and partners defend against today’s threats—and tomorrow’s. Paladin places special focus on education and training, arming merchants and vendors with the insight they need to stay on top.



Our collective decades of experience add up to expertise our clients can trust.


We safeguard your long-term best interests with strategic analysis and insight.


We adapt and keep up with trends and technology, evolving to match your needs.


We bring warmth, partnership, and collaboration to a complex landscape.

At the Helm of Paladin

Jim Houlihan

Jim Houlihan


Having spent the last 27 years of his career in law enforcement, investigations, and fraud prevention, Jim is considered an industry fraud expert. Jim has served as Global Director of Fraud Prevention for Orbitz Worldwide’s $12 billion online travel agency, as well as Director of Authenticity at Bazaarvoice, Director of Fraud at Home Shopping Network, Senior Manager of Fraud at Dell Financial Services, and Senior Manager of Fraud at Citibank. He’s known as a strategic fraud thinker who creates unique methods and detailed analytics to proactively fight fraud and mitigate risk without compromising good transactions.
Jamon Whitehead

Jamon Whitehead


With more than 15 years of experience in the CNP payment and risk industry Jamon has a background in strategic and tactical management of the complete payment and transactional risk life-cycle. This includes but is not limited to the technology assessment and implementation, user authentication and trust assessment, risk based data mining, automated and manual review management and chargeback processing and analysis. As Co-Founder of Paladin Fraud he and his team offer an extensive and customizable suite of services for both merchants and vendors.

Daniel Mihok

Daniel Mihok


Daniel brings a vast knowledge of cloud computing and data science tools and techniques to the table. His background in mathematics, programming, and reporting supports our mission to find solutions for complex problems—and rounds out our expertise in big data. Formerly a member of Equifax’s identity and fraud team, Daniel combines his deep understanding of data with a vast familiarity with the fraud industry to support our clients in fighting fraud. He’s dedicated to staying on the frontier of risk management and emerging technologies. And this dedication bolsters Paladin’s support of fintechs, banks, crypto exchanges, and more as we use data to uncover trends and put a stop to fraud exposures.

Daniel Wickenhauser

Daniel Wickenhauser


With over 10 years of experience in technical development, data analysis, fraud monitoring and prevention, and identity risk management, Daniel is an industry-leading expert in using data to detect and prevent fraud. His technical, analytical, and strategic background helps clients understand the underlying factors in fraud and identity risk management. Before joining us at Paladin, Daniel worked as a software developer at Edward Jones and as Global Fraud Architect at Equifax. He is known for using data to detect fraud vulnerabilities, money laundering, and large crime rings, and he has a deep familiarity with the tools and services his clients use. Daniel is also founder and president of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Night Owl Reconnaissance, which assists law enforcement with missing person cases using emerging investigative techniques and aids those who have been recovered. 

What's in a name

Behind the name “Paladin” lies a legacy laden with meaning. The Paladin were the “knights of the round table” in Charlemagne’s court. This special group of dedicated warriors were endowed with special powers to fight evil. Today, Paladin Fraud takes its role and mission seriously: protecting those we partner with is truly our calling.

Our crest, the Guilloche

Our logo is inspired by the world’s first analog fraud prevention method, a clever pattern using tight, intricate weaves that foil currency fraudsters. Called the Guilloche pattern, it inspires not just our look but everything we do: we take highly detailed, intelligent steps to stop fraud in its tracks, using time-honored wisdom and state-of-the-art methods. 

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